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Eden Coronel

International Director's Message

Welcome to an emerging experience!

Emerged Global grants us the opportunity and a helping hand in paving the way to make it our reality. Better job opportunities, quality education, higher salary grade, and a booming economy are just a few reasons we seek to migrate and start anew in a different country. Nonetheless, we all know that putting your best foot forward is never enough. In seizing the opportunity comes the struggle and challenges, and that's what we are here for.

Join us in turning every opportunity into everyone's reality !

Eden Coronel
Our Organization

Our Purpose

Live your dreams, even on the other side of the world.

We want to be a bridge of great opportunities to create a better and more comfortable way of living, and we pride ourselves on the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our employees who work together as a team to deliver remarkable results in bringing this change.

Our Services

Emerged provides services varying from aiding with different kinds of visas, focusing student and migration pathway as well as career counselling.


We aim to position students successfully in reputed colleges, universities, and/or institutes worldwide, provide an honest and genuine migration process to our most-loved clients, and help them settle in their dream country.


We envision being one of the global providers of a cost-effective, process-efficient, and highly ethical overseas education, migration, and accounting consultancy with trustworthiness, transparency, and innovation, which leads to clients achieving their goals.

My Story, Our Story

EMERGED all started not with a dream, but a DESTINY.

I was then a regular employee doing an eight-to-five job like everyone else in the Middle East. It has been my privilege to be part of multinational companies based in UAE and Germany. While the countries and the people I have worked with helped me a lot, I just knew that it needed to be improved, and I am not settling for less.

I decided to fly to Australia, risking everything I have, including my job and the life I have already built. Since I was a child, it has been a dream of mine to migrate to countries with equal opportunities given to expatriates and their citizens. One can only imagine how good and capable we can be given the right platform to showcase our skills and talent. Having this mindset, time brought me to the right path.

I had the chance to establish an education and migration company with the help of a business partner.

I have been exposed to and met acquaintances in the same field who motivate me to strive further, strengthen our groundwork, and teach me all the ways of learning and drilling the industry we are in.

Like any partnership, our differences led us to separate ways. With the help of the same team who trusted me, we started building our organization - Emerged Visa Consultancy. We don’t have any choice but to carry on. It was not an easy one, we must say. Challenges, negativity, issues, and difficulties were hurdled at us, but we knew there was no turning back. We had to stand tall through it all and surpass whatever things were thrown our way.

Finally, we get to start and kick off the opening of our firm. The operation has begun, but the challenges continued. It even went far concerning our trusted clients and business partners. Thankfully, more of them still choose and trusts us. For that, we are eternally grateful.

For a year now, we’ve shown astounding recognition and achievements. We have managed to simultaneously put up two offices in the Philippines, two in Australia, and in Alberta, Canada, in full swing with twenty highly professional team members working worldwide.

These tools have become our edge to send hundreds of students internationally. In a short time, we continue heading the next branch out in planning.

Our agency now represents more than fifty school institutions and twenty business partners. We were able to receive ICEF Agency Status- a prestigious organization bringing together education institutions with the aim of improving international education. Emerged Visa Consultancy also is a recipient of the Australian Vocational Education Conference (AVEC) 2023 as an Emerging Business Partner held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We are ready more than ever. We are head-on in facing all the adversities, challenges, and failures and emerge victorious.

As cliché as it may sound, we all want the best for our clients. We have had our fair share of life challenges, misfits, and successes. That is EMERGED.

Eden Coronel
International Director
Meet the team

Our People, Our Greatest Asset

Eden Coronel
International Director

Primo Bernardo
Registered Migration Agent - AUSTRALIA

Atty. Fondador Cornejo
Legal Consultant

Mica Lezah Ygay
Business Relation Officer

Jelika Anne Jamilano
Visa Process Head

Thawnie Anne Ollero
Visa Documentation Assistant

Armilen Garabiag
Visa Documentation Assistant

Roella Marie Lim
Visa Documentation Assistant

Jayne-Lyn Arenas
Visa Documentation Assistant

Vanessa Malaqui
Career Counsellor Team Leader

Rafyn Anne Ang
Career Counsellor - MIMAROPA

Dabe Rosal Abarico
Career Counsellor - MINDANAO

Ruth Kaila Encarnacion
Career Counsellor - CALABARZON

Venus Fernandez
Career Counsellor - CAGAYAN VALLEY

Alexandra Nichole Avellana
Finance Officer

Ivy Virtucio
Admin and Accounting Assistant

Mike Klarence Manzano
Social Media Specialist

Lyna Hernandez
Student Support - ADELAIDE

Reynaldo Ygay
Student Support - BRISBANE
Offshore Program Trainer

Mark Flores
Student Support - HOBART
Offshore Program Trainer